What we do

Mission Statement

Execution of Efficient Electrical Services with Highest Standards

Our Objectives

  • To continually develop the technical skills of our people.
  • To provide quick, efficient, dependable, and professional services.
  • To uphold standards of technical excellence in every aspect of our activities
  • To satisfy our customers’ needs to the fullest.
  • To increase revenue earning capacity for the company and nation.
  • To develop and establish long-term relationships with the professionals from all areas concerned like Architects, Consultants, and most importantly, our clients.

What we do

Our mission is to be one of the leading electrical contractors in the East African region. Our company is registered with the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the category of Class “A” licensed Electrical Contractors and we are authorized to carry our all types of high and low tension jobs. We intend to offer quality service at competitive prices to all current and potential clients.

Electrical Installation

We undertake all types of electrical Installation works throughout the region for multi-storied buildings, hotels, large and small workshop installations, theatres, hospitals, schools, harbours, industrial garages, housing developments, flood lightings, street lightings, and any other small or large scale installation projects.

Back-up Support

We also provide reliable back-up support for all our clients and for any other interested people. Supported by adequately qualified technical staff and academically certified experts, we are able to give the most efficient, reliable and professional services.

Secure Connection

We review with the clients, clients’ needs, and together we identify the most secure and best possible way of locating electrical installations ensuring that the customer gets the most practical connections with a no risk of continual break downs.


We organize routine surveys of our projects and make recommendations as regards to any adjustments in case of expansions.